Dubuque Municipal Building - 203 kW flat roof pv system

SolarDock is a non-penetrating flat roof continuous support system for photovoltaic modules. Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, SolarDock racking is built for strength and long-term reliability.

Its pan base design cradles the PV modules helping prevent long term damage, such as micro-fractures in module cells and glass, while also protecting wiring and ballast.

The system can be manufactured with tilts between 0 and 35 degrees, with custom tilts and row spacing available upon request. The availability of a high tilt provides an opportunity for users to maximize a PV module’s energy generation capability.


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SolarDock Illustration

Continuous Panel Support

The module frames rest on the upper and lower lips of the SolarDock, secure to the system by the outside straps. This reduces the stress placed on the panels from wind and thermal forces.

Vents and Knockouts

Every SolarDock punched vents on the front, back and side, facilitating cooling by natural convection. Conduit Knockouts take the hassle out of running conduit between rows.

Class A Fire Rating

SolarDock has earned a Class A fire rating per UL 1703, UL 2703, and ANSI standards. Spread of Flame and Burning Brand tests were conducted with a Type 2 panel, and showed a reduction in average Spread of Flame by more than 60%. SolarDock meets IBC 2012/2015 Fire Classification requirements.

Integrated Grounding

SolarDock’s patented Grounding Clip bonds the panels to the racking. The T-Bars interconnect the system, creating multiple ground paths. This increases the safety of the system, allowing electrical current to find alternative routes to ground.

Protective Insulation Board

Each Dock has Insulation Board on the bottom, which raises the system 1” above the roof. This protects the roof from being damaged by metal components rubbing the roof’s surface over time.

Protected Ballast & Wiring

When fully installed, the system fully encapsulates the ballast and wiring, protecting them from harsh weather and animals. The SolarDock also eliminates the need for additional wire management and ballast protection.

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