Dubuque Municipal Building - 203 kW flat roof pv system

Forget what you think you know about ballasted racking systems – with its interconnected pans and fully encapsulated wiring and ballast, SolarDock is unlike any other system on the market. Designed to meet the high standards of commercial property owners, SolarDock provides a high lifetime ROI, while featuring industry leading design and engineering. Certified to UL 2703. ICC-ES Listed.

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UL2703 Class A fire rated.
ICC-ES Listed to IBC 2012/2015.

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I could have chosen any product for my own buildings. I chose SolarDock. It is the most substantial product on the market. When installed, SolarDock looks complete. There are no exposed wires or ballast. No metal touches the roof. Nesting issues are eliminated.

Paul Van Cleve

Meridian Property Services

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